Located in BERLIN

What can I offer you?

As someone who has 5 years of photography and filming experience I can offer a variety of services to you. In the past I have done street photography, portrait photography, product/company photography, real estate photography, nature photography and last but not least I have photographed on a casual wedding and some other small events.  I have been filming a variety of advertisement or after-movie videos for Real Estate, financial and woodworker companies. Years ago I used to edit and film YouTube  (travel) videos for myself which now turned out in me doing small projects with other artists, helping them out in different ways. For example: currently I am working on my very first music video for a small artist!

As you can read you could send me a message for a variety of photo sessions, although I would love to mention that doing portrait photography is my main focus. This could be 1 on 1, with a group, for your company/business or projects, with a whole family or pets, or just from your pets to always keep them in your home with a beautiful photograph. And so there are many more examples to mention. 

What do I photograph with?

For portrait photography and street photography I love to use my Sony A6000 and FE50MM F1.8 lense.
With this lense I can create a very nice depth in photographs, make photography in darker areas easier, and I can really focus better on the person in front of the camera.  This is the main camera I use and I am happy owner of this one since 2018. 

When needed I can also use my 16-55MM lense. This can be very useful for inside buildings or for landscapes. 

I use natural light for photoshoots. (no studio lights).


For photoshoots the price really depends on the location, time of the shoot, and the amount of photographs you would love to receive. Don't be shy to ask me about it, I am sure we will find a good price for your needs and that we will have a fun shooting day! 

Mini Photoshoot offer:
- 2-3 Hour photoshoot (in nature, in the city, in buildings, or at home).
- You'll receive around 7 edited photographs 
- With your allowance I would love to post some of them on my socials/website.
- Costs would be €75


In need of a video for you business/company or music? Feel free to send me a message so we can discuss all the ideas and the prices!