Located in BERLIN

About Me

Shannon, a social butterfly who is passionate about life and all it's miracles. From whenever I was young I wrote poems or even my fantasies down. I also already had a passion for singing, making and listening music. Later on I discovered the camera, which is now one of my favoruite activties. There is so much beauty in the world that I like to capture through my lense. Especially the beauty in nature and human is one I love to combine.

After doing an international internship in Berlin in 2019 for my marketing study, this city has been in my mind a lot. While doing a bachelor named Creative Business, Berlin could not get out of my mind. After 2 years of thinking about moving there, an opportunity came on my path around end of 2021. Since February 2022 I am living on the border of Berlin/Brandenburg and I am absolutely inlove with this. The combination of nature and creative chaotic city life.

To relax myself i try to read as much as possible and walk with my dog. Ideally I read in a cute café or somewhere around a forest with some music in my ears. For me the perfect day would be in Autumn, drinking coffee in a café in a forest area with my dog, with rain outside. 

Besides photographing I love to experiment with videography as well. Over the last years I have made videos for either school or companies and a first official music video (Blue-JOLU). I am working on doing it also more often for my own music, YouTube channel or videos for friends (music videos for example). 

Music: Shannon Deborah

As a person who always loved to write things and thoughts down, make poems and listen to the art of music. I want to make honest lyrics, with the hope that listeners can feel understood and start to allow their feelings more. When clicking on the red buttons you will find my songs: 'Dance It Away',  ''Alive'& 'Berlin'.